My research focuses on the intersection of machine learning and art, particularly music. 

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Some talks about my research for general audiences:

Music is a universal form of human expression that moves us in sublime and silly ways. When you hum a melody or tap a rhythm, complex mathematical patterns are created that your brain interprets as "music."

Parag Chordia, Head of the Music Intelligence Group at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, combined his two passions – music and math – into a successful career as a professor and creator of music technology. Listen in to hear how he found this connection between music and technology at the inaugural X-STEM Symposium in Washington, D.C. on April 24, 2014. The X-STEM Symposium is sponsored by MedImmune and the Northrop Grumman Foundation and is a program of the USA Science & Engineering Festival. Lockheed Martin is the Founding and Presenting Host of the USA Science & Engineering Festival.